The easiest way to add fintech experiences into any application

Rapidly Innovate

Deliver rich financial experiences to your customers, connecting them to best-in-class fintech technology through our API and embeddable UI modules.

Nurture Trust

Become the financial home for your customers, giving them the tools they want without having to leave your existing apps.

Provide Insights

Drive financial wellness by giving your customers visibility and access to all their finances in one place.

Focus on your core products

Quiltt's platform comes with a host of common fintech data integrations and capabilities, including bill tracking, budgeting, alerting, account aggregation powered by Plaid, and many more.

We're doing the heavy lifting so you can focus on what makes you special.

Integrate in minutes

Easily embed our customizable widgets into your apps, with just a few lines of code.

Want total control? Build a fully custom user experience on top of our powerful graph-based API.

A single view of the user

Quiltt organizes and enriches financial data from different vendors and APIs into a holistic understanding of your users' financial needs, wants and goals - all made accessible via a single unified API.

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